The cheapest petrol? It ‘asda’ be Asda!

Chasing cheap petrol prices seems a bit of a fool’s game. But it’s surprising how many people do it, me included. Why drive 10 miles to find petrol that costs a few pence less when the saving is swallowed up by the cost of getting there. But since Asda took over the old Co-op garage at Cupid Green, I have no need to drive any further. At 137p a litre it’s cheaper than even Tesco

It’s looking a lot like Christmas!

It’s looking very festive in the village. From the annual spectacular at Mill Close to the reindeer of Church House, residents are lighting up as never before. Even the village sign is sporting a Santa hat. Merry Christmas everyone! And when the party’s over, don’t forget to join us for the 12th Night drinks party at the Marchmont Arms on Friday 5th January (7pm – 9pm).

Royal Mail pulls a fast one on our post box

An eagle-eyed resident has noticed that Royal Mail have pulled a fast one on the village post box. The collection time always used to be a user-friendly 4pm, meaning that sending things like birthday cards for next day delivery involved a leisurely afternoon stroll. All that has changed with the new collection time of 9am, a move which was hidden away in the small print on the post box.