epicure coffee shop

Road testing the new 8am coffee shop in the Old Town

I’m always full of admiration for all those hard-working, enterprising people who are up before the crack of dawn to provide a service. Like the lovely ladies at Amanda Jane’s in Queen’s Square who get up at 2am every morning to travel to London to buy fresh fruit. Not up quite that early but still daft o’clock  is the Old Town’s newest entrepreneur, Lesley.

northern lights piccotts end

Northern Lights lucky for some!

Did you see them? A few lucky residents captured lovely photos of the Northern Lights when they made a rare appearance over the village this week. Alison Gellman and Lydia Fribbins both grabbed the chance to snap them, this photo was Alison’s.

Join us for Sunday Brunch on April 28th

Spring is in the air and there’s a smell of freshly cut grass as lawnmower come out of hibernation. How’s your winter been? Come and tell us about it at the Spring Branch. The date is Sunday April 28th and we’ll be meeting at the Marchmont Arms between 10.30am and 12.30. Coffee and croissants will be in free flow along with memories of a wet winter.