epicure coffee shop

Road testing the new 8am coffee shop in the Old Town

I’m always full of admiration for all those hard-working, enterprising people who are up before the crack of dawn to provide a service. Like the lovely ladies at Amanda Jane’s in Queen’s Square who get up at 2am every morning to travel to London to buy fresh fruit. Not up quite that early but still daft o’clock  is the Old Town’s newest entrepreneur, Lesley.

The cheapest petrol? It ‘asda’ be Asda!

Chasing cheap petrol prices seems a bit of a fool’s game. But it’s surprising how many people do it, me included. Why drive 10 miles to find petrol that costs a few pence less when the saving is swallowed up by the cost of getting there. But since Asda took over the old Co-op garage at Cupid Green, I have no need to drive any further. At 137p a litre it’s cheaper than even Tesco

Now, how about we celebrate a thousand years of Piccotts End!

Last weekend’s street party was such a success that many residents are saying ‘let’s have another one next year!’ It’s a lovely idea and judging by the popularity of the Coronation event, with nearly 100 villagers, families and friends in attendance, would be well supported. The trouble is, we’ve had a Jubilee and a Coronation in the space of a year, what’s left to celebrate?