The cheapest petrol? It ‘asda’ be Asda!

Chasing cheap petrol prices seems a bit of a fool’s game. But it’s surprising how many people do it, me included. Why drive 10 miles to find petrol that costs a few pence less when the saving is swallowed up by the cost of getting there. But since Asda took over the old Co-op garage at Cupid Green, I have no need to drive any further. At 137p a litre it’s cheaper than even Tesco

Now, how about we celebrate a thousand years of Piccotts End!

Last weekend’s street party was such a success that many residents are saying ‘let’s have another one next year!’ It’s a lovely idea and judging by the popularity of the Coronation event, with nearly 100 villagers, families and friends in attendance, would be well supported. The trouble is, we’ve had a Jubilee and a Coronation in the space of a year, what’s left to celebrate?