Why I’ve cancelled The Daily Mail – and stopped listening to The Archers!

Daily MailEnough is enough! After more than 40 years as a Daily Mail reader, 11 of them working at the paper, I have finally cancelled it. It has been some years in the planning but the Mail’s appallingly biased Brexit campaign finally did it. As a staunch Remainer, and now Remoaner, I found the paper’s hate-mongering anti-European stance a disgrace to journalism. Now I’m a Times reader. Admittedly not as entertaining as the better bits of the Mail but at least its EU coverage was more balanced. While I was in no mood to be trifled with I also stopped listening to The Archers. This after more than 50 years! I remember the night it was announced that President Kennedy had been assassinated in 1963. It was on the 7 o’clock news, straight after The Archer. Like many people I listened because my mother listened. I could never quite work out why I found it so addictive, with its cringe-worthy dialogue and assortment of cod accents that were anything but the West Midlands where it is supposed be set. I could just about put up with the obviously Government-sponsored product placements, like Pip thinking of joining the RAF and then Daniel joining the Army.  But it was the Rob-Helen saga that finally did it. I read somewhere that this storyline was created to highlight  a new law on domestic abuse. Fair enough about the need for a law but I don’t need it subliminally implanted by a radio soap opera. I almost began to feel sorry for Rob. Ok he was a control freak but did he really deserve such obloquy? On top of that Helen got off causing GBH. This is girl power gone mad. Enough is enough!

Daffodils in Piccotts EndOn a sunnier note I’m pleased to see that the daffodils I planted in Piccotts End Road are in full flower and looking a real picture. It has been a mild, frost-free spring so far and I’m hopeful that my apricot tree, which produced a bumper crop the year before last, will do the same again in 2017.