Welcome to Black Goo – if you can get a table

Cakes & croissants at Black GooIt’s all change at the Attic cafe, one of our favourite haunts in Berkhamsted. It’s had a few incarnations in its time, once briefly under the ownership of James Hannaway, of The Rex. James was a regular face at the Attic until something fairly cataclysmic must have occurred and he was never seen again. The old Attic had a certain charm with its period music, rustic tables and chairs and a menu that hadn’t changed in years. We enjoyed its Eggs Benedict, jacket potatoes and Welsh Rarebit but clearly not everyone else did. At the end of last year the Attic was no more and the not too appetising name of Black Goo appeared. Gone are all the 60s memorabilia, the old tables and chairs and the music. In their place are trendy low sofas, high tables and an array of cakes, pastries and croissants. Some old favourites remain on the menu but the new owners clearly have their finger on the pulse of public taste. It was packed & we couldn’t get a table. It was the same story the following week. That’s good news for business although I can’t help thinking that with such comfy seating revenues will suffer as visitors extend their stay with just another cappuccino.