On the trail of a nocturnal bottle bug

Litter is a scourge for which there is no quick fix. Everyone will have their own litter story and many go on personal crusades to keep the village tidy. At our end we have been contending with a litter problem of a slightly unusual variety – a nocturnal dipsomaniac who has been depositing empty wine bottles outside our house almost every night for the past 6 months. Usually it’s two, a pink and a white Californian Pinot, tossed on to the same patch of grass grass verge. Sometimes they land on to the road and shatter. Most times the council cleaning lorry will clear these on its 7am run but when it doesn’t we’ll get our gloves on and take bottles and broken glass to the dump. Try as I might, I haven’t been able to track down the perpetrator(s). Given that it’s been pink and white wine perhaps they’re a couple enjoying a nightly tryst. More recently it’s just been a single bottle of white. Perhaps they’ve split up! I have tried staying up to 1am and making hourly sorties on to the road to see if anyone is parked out there but no luck. The only solution is to set up one of those almost invisible cameras on the wall and see if it picks up anything. I had hoped that whoever is responsible might have tired of their habit.  The next few weeks will tell.