New street lights not such a bright idea says resident

piccotts-end-lightsNew streets lights have been installed in the village but they are not to everyone’s liking. The low energy LED lights are meant to be more environmentally friendly than the old halogen variety. However one resident says they are much brighter than the old ones and are staying on longer.  

‘I do hope they eventually go out, as they have stayed on all night since they changed them,’ said Carly Smith at the Boar’s Head. ‘Not good for light pollution and the wildlife.

‘I have to say prefer the old ones.’

However Holly Cross, of Piccotts End Farm, said: ‘I kind of like them being on at night. It makes me feel safer.’

And Jenny Nathan of Riverbank said: ‘They’ll put in shields to protect you from the glare if it’s too bright in your homes.’

The latest lighting update is that a Herts County Council electrician has adjusted the timing to ensure the lights go off at midnight.