Lane planning fears allayed

Piccotts End LaneFears that a planning application would open Piccotts End Lane to through traffic have laid to rest. Yvonne Metcalfe, who lives at Amethyst Cottage (No 42) was alarmed to receive a letter from Herts County Council about an application to allow the lane to become a ‘Byway Open to All Traffic.’ She wrote to us saying: ‘I am very upset to hear about this. I have already had a number of near misses to my car with people turning into the lane. This can only get worse if the lane is opened up.’ However PERA secretary Michael Nidd assures Yvonne and other residents that the application, on behalf of the British Horse Society, seeks only to clarify bridleway rights in the lane. “Whatever the outcome Piccotts End Lane will remain a no-through road for motor vehicles” he said.