Joins us on Daffodil Sunday, December 5th

Bring your buckets and spades! No, we’re not going to the seaside, we’re planting daffodils. After scarecrows and fireworks the village has one more important event on the calendar: brightening up our verges with a host of golden daffodils in time for next spring. They are being provided courtesy of Dacorum Council and all you have to do is come along on the morning of Sunday 5th December and take as many as you think you can plant. We’ll be meeting at the Marchmont Arms for a quick coffee at 11am followed by an hour of planting. You can join in or take a bucket away and plant at a later date (though daffodils need to be in the ground by the end of December). If you’re able to bring a spade, so much the better as it will be quicker to dig a trench than try and plant them individually.