How Piccotts End’s Voice of Calm soothed the radio waves

Penny GoreGood to see one of our residents reaching out to bring peace and calm to some ruffled radio airwaves! Reading the pages of The Spectator magazine this month I chanced across a review of the week’s radio programmes. The reviewer noted that after listening to a programme about Enoch Powell’s infamous ‘rivers of blood’ speech, it was a relief to tune into Radio 3 and hear the soothing voice of Penny Gore with an appreciation of the Czech composer Janáček. Penny (pictured here), a Piccotts End resident of many years, is a Radio 3 regular, presenting programmes like the Afternoon Concert and BBC Young Musician. She was characteristically modest about her plaudit in print. She is not a Spectator reader!

The green pastures of Marchmont Fields are no more. Have you noticed that they’ve all been ploughed up this month, displacing the regular car boot sales and grazing horses. Hopefully golden fields of swaying wheat will be a pleasing sight this summer, prior to the inevitable arrival of the bulldozers. 

People often say that not much happens in Piccotts End. But that’s far from the case with one resident. Holly Cross, who lives at Marchmont Farm, has spent most of the year pounding the highways and byways in preparation for the race of her life. And earlier this month she ran it. Holly took part in the London Marathon as a thank you to Anthony Nolan, the charity which helped with a life-saving operation for her son Rupert. Congratulations Holly! 

Sorry to see the closure of the Old Town café Elbows Off the Table. With so many others competing in the same market place, it was inevitable that one would have to go. But as one door closes another opens and I’m keen to try out the new ‘Med Grill’ restaurant opening soon where the Moroccan used to be.