Historic gates find a new home in Piccotts End

The Gadebrdige gatesA pair of gates which once graced the Gadebridge home of Sir Astley Paston Cooper, and thought to have been lost, have found their way to Piccotts End. The eminent 19th century surgeon lived at historic Gadebridge Park where the gates can be seen in this old photo. But after the house was demolished in the 1950s the gates went into storage and have only just reappeared. For most of this time they have been in an outbuilding at Piccotts End Farm. Now their owner, Mrs Mary Wiedman, has gifted them to Professor Tim Blinko who lives across the road where Paston Cooper founded the country’s first ‘cottage hospital,’ known as the Infirmiary. Tim says he plans to have them restored and hung at the entrance to his home. ‘I’m thrilled that a piece of local history is coming home’ he said.