Harvest Festival attracts the cream of the crops

piccotts-end-harvest-festival-winnerAn eye-catching arrangement of garden flowers garnished with tomatoes triumphed in the village’s first ever Harvest Festival. Carly Smith, of the Boar’s Head, won the accolade by impressing the guest judge, Ena Hartland of the Old Mill with her original creation pictured here. Villagers made the most of a sunny afternoon to admire and taste the many entries on view, From plum jam and home-made scones topped with cream and raspberry jam to blackberry vodka and rhubarb gin, residents showed plenty of spirit! Alongside Carly’s win, Ena also voted Bob & Liz Chendlik’s ‘country yokel’ as the pick of the scarecrows.

Praising the success of both new events, PERA’s social secretary Annette Harrison said ‘Thanks to everyone who took part and made these them so enjoyable. Getting to meet fellow residents in such a friendly fashion is what makes the village the lovely place it is.’

More of photos of the Harvest Festival and the Scarecrow Festival can be seen in the Gallery.