Delivering food, doing good deeds & making music, all in a day’s work during lockdown!

The village may look dead to the world but behind the walls and doors of lockdown a veritable hive of activity is going on! It’s great to see that community minded residents Holly Cross, Maggie Chandler and Sue Leach have set up a facebook page  and a WhatsApp group dedicated to helping anyone who can’t get out for shopping, prescriptions or just need some words of comfort and support.

Regular trips to Tesco, Aldi and even M&S are being undertaken, but the line will be drawn at Harrod’s! On the facebook page Sue demonstrates how to make your own mask from household items. There is also a post about a roaming dog on the loose and subsequently reunited with its owner.

On the Piccotts End Farm side of the village our veteran scribe Mary Wiedman has been busy making the news again, this week with a tirade against the Government in the letters page of the Daily Mail!

Up at the top end musician Paul Borg has been busy composing the score for a new musical. He has also recently launched a series of original  music albums that you can listen to here. Continuing with the music theme our resident Radio 3 presenter Penny Gore has been presenting the April Afternoon Concert from a makeshift studio at her home. And on Thursday evenings at 8 the whole village has been making music with their ‘bang a gong’ salute to the  NHS. Keep up the good work folks!