Daffodils and a brush with The Duke

piccotts end daffodilsThe village daffodils have put on a great show this year, including many planted by residents in our Daffodil Day last December. They will take a couple of years to get established but have already added to some colour to the verges. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some more from the council when this year’s roundabout plantings are dug up. I’m told it’s cheaper to dump them and buy a new lot than clean and store them over the winter. 

It was great to be back at The Rex after an absence of two years. Little has changed except that James Hannaway has been persuaded to use a microphone for his nightly address. I still couldn’t hear a word he was saying but no matter, it was a full house for  The Duke. You know you’re old when you can recall seeing Dr No back in 1962 and the scene where double 07 does a double take at spotting the missing portrait of the Duke of Wellington in Dr No’s lair. I’ll always remember the ripple of laugher when people got the joke. The Duke was an equally light-hearted take on one of the country’s most notorious art thefts.