All fired up at the Crown & Sceptre!

crown-sceptre=fireworksWhen the Boar’s Head was a pub in Piccotts End it was indeed our local. These days you have to go a bit further to find one that’s worthy of the name. My favourite is the Crown & Sceptre at Briden’s Camp and I’ll often call by for a pint of IPA or a meal in their peaceful garden. Sometimes you’ll see John Motson sitting in a corner telling football stories to a gathering of locals. The Crown & Sceptre is one of the last true independents, cheerily run by Martin & Shirley. There are no frills or fancy foods here, just the basic stuff people know and like such as scampi and chips, beef pie and lasagne. Like for everyone else in pubs and restaurants it has been a pretty tough year. So when Martin and Shirley were able to open their doors again recently I decided to add some sparkle to the occasion. They don’t usually allow fireworks for fear of upsetting their neighbours but they made an exception for this special occasion. It was a pretty chilly night but when the first rocket lit up the sky, it was heart-warming cheers and beers all round!