The day this ‘Banksy’ went a bridge too far

How’s your weight? Lockdown has had at least one beneficial effect for me. I’ve been doing a lot more walking and have a lost a few pounds as a result. I’ve never covered so many miles, traipsing along the picturesque towpaths of the Grand Union Canal near here. I love all those pretty brick bridges that span it. Their well-weathered red arches always seem in perfect harmony with the peaceful waters below. They are one of our unsung national treasures! So my hackles were raised recently when I found one of my favourites defaced, no doubt by some local young Banksy armed with a spray can. It must be an age thing but I felt compelled to act! First I emailed the Canal authority offering my assistance in removing it. When I received no reply I decided to go it alone. Armed with a wire brush from B & Q I spent a Sunday afternoon restoring it to almost its original self. Frost and rain should soon complete the job. Luckily the perpetrator had used an acrylic spray that was relatively easy to scrape off. My before and after photos tell the story. My wife thinks I’m quiet daft wasting a Sunday afternoon when I could have been doing more useful jobs around the house! Me, I found it quite satisfying.